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What is Radio Imaging?

Radio imaging is a term used to describe the on-air sound that identifies a station. It gives a station an identity, a signature sound, and an overall mood. It allows a station to create a unique impression by stepping out of the crowd – which keeps the dial tuned in.

Radio imaging uses voice over, promos, sweepers, legal ids, liners, and stingers targeted to a specific format that will be familiar to the audience. It creates a position within the market that establishes a relationship with a listener, and keeps them coming back for more!

Proper radio imaging allows a listener to immediately identify the style, energy, and overall brand of a station. You won’t find someone looking for Adult Contemporary listening to your Edm station if your imaging is done right!

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Who Benefits from Radio Imaging?

Is your radio station trying to create better brand recognition?
Do you want people to instantly recognize what your station stands for?
Are you ready to take your sound to the next level?
Do you want to add the best radio imaging production team to your call list?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Mix Radio Imaging is for you.

The Mix Group prides itself on its strong production team comprised of highly trained, seasoned, full time radio imaging producers, all led by a single production director and the quality control of our founder/ creator/slammin-sweeper-innovator- Jason Garte. The Mix Group team can’t wait to answer your call so we can get to work creating the sound that is going to put your station at the top of it’s game.

Why is The Mix Group the Best?

With over 1000 stations, The Mix Group is the largest provider of 100% custom radio imaging production.

We’ll stop at nothing to produce and deliver the imaging that your station cannot survive without.

We obsess over every (and we mean every) detail until each piece sounds enormous, powerful, major market, and exactly how you want it!

For your VO needs, we have the biggest voices on the radio, ready to voice your station now.

For your imaging needs, its a no-brainer. We have a combined force of 18 full time producers locked and loaded ready to deliver the high caliber of work that Mix has built its reputation on.

We’ll move heaven and earth to make sure your station has the imaging it needs to stand out like a lion in a crowd of sheep.

There’s literally no sound we cannot create, no vibe we cannot provide, and no mission we cannot conquer. If you’re looking to get your station on the air, and sounding like a million bucks, The Mix Group is the imaging service for you. If you’re looking for some part timer working out of their bedroom…you might wanna give any number of our competitor’s a try.

How Can I Hire Mix?

Ready to castrate the competition?

Call 877-MIX-RADIO
…or click here to send us your info now!

We’ll bring the rusty butter knife.

The Mix Group’s custom imaging services are available exclusively via barter.

Don’t know what that is? Don’t worry!

It means that your new hot new radio imaging won’t touch a dime of your budget!